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OhioReferee.Com is a place where local officials? organizations or league assignors are able to have a presence on the Internet for the benefit of their members/officials, local schools and league assignors.

Web Site Feature List

1.) Allows members to update their own personal information.

2.) Allows members to enter their closed/open dates through a 4 month calendar.

3.) Allows members to view a list of officials (in your association) who are open on a specific date.

4.) Allows members to view name, address, telephone, e-mail information of all association members.

5.) Allows members to view announcements posted by association officers.

6.) Allows members to ?post? a game to the ?signup sheet? for any official. The person who posts a game to the signup sheet can view the list of those who have signed up and extend the signup period.

7.) Allows downloads of a comma delimited text file of the current membership information.

8.) Association members can sign up to be listed for the ?J.V. Officials List?

9.) Association members can post a rules question on 'Ask the Expert' (which e-mails the question to the person designated as the 'Expert' who then goes to the web site to post an answer.)

10.) A member can e-mail another member (through the web site) by clicking on their email address when viewing member information.

11.) Members can keep a personal contact list of other officiating members so they can e-mail more than one at a time.

12.) Association members can also keep a personal schedule (date, time, place, etc.) online.

13.)Members have access to the 'OhioReferee.Com Forum'! On the forum pages members are able to exchange opinions, advice, etc. on their and other sport subjects with anyone who has a log on to the web site.

14.)Assignors - Assignors can now use your associations web site area to assign games for schools, leagues and recreation departments.

Administrator Features

1.) The administrator can enter a list of meetings into the database for anyone to see when/where the association is meeting.

2.) The Administrator can enter an announcement that only association members can see.

3.) The administrator can keep record of who paid their dues.

4.) The administrator can keep record of who has attended the meetings.

5.) The administrator can enter/edit into the database a list of links to other web sites that can be viewed by anyone who visits your area.

6.) The administrator can send a mass e-mail to all members who have a valid e-mail address.

7.) The administrator can view statistics on web site logins/member usage on a daily basis.

8.) The administrator can enter new members and edit the information of all members.

9.) The administrator can update a list of local assignors (addresses & Ph#'s)

10.) You can now opt to give your membership a True/False Quiz online with questions you enter and view how each person scored.

11.) OhioReferee.Com now has Online Nomination and Voting for any association election issue.

12.) OhioReferee.Com now has Local Association Tournament voting which is geared to the OHSAA requirements for local associations and allows class 1 officials in your association to self nominate themselves for inclusion in the voting.